Young Actuaries World Cup

The Young Actuaries World Cup (YAWC) is a friendly global competition between young actuaries (under 35) with the following objectives:

  1. Engage young actuaries on topical issues;
  2. Provide an opportunity for young actuaries to showcase their skills under the framework of the profession's premier global event: the International Congress of Actuaries (ICA); and
  3. Ensure that younger generations see themselves represented within the IAA and its member associations.

Competition Theme:

The YAWC theme is aligned with the ICA 2023 theme: "Bridge to Tomorrow". Participants can make their own interpretation of the theme which could cover issues such as but not limited to:

  • New Areas in which actuarial skills are being used.
  • How actuaries can contribute to a better society.
  • Innovative ways of tackling some big issues.
  • The opportunities and limits of data analytics and AI.
  • Formula or mathematical equation: could be an innovative design or a new usage.
  • Product : present a new product or give to an existing one a new usage or new features, etc.
  • Data Analytics: provide insights into how data is analyzed or the results that derive from that.
  • Climate issues: how can actuaries contribute to knowledge in this area.

Young Actuaries World Cup Rules Book - Where you will find all the details of the competition!

More information on IAA web pages.

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