An important activity at the ILO and ISSA has been the preparation of Guidelines on Actuarial Work for Social Security. This project is nearing maturity with a launch due early in 2017; the IAA and the AAE have provided input into this process. 

Recently, the ILO has focused on employment injury insurance in global supply chains. Issues and examples (in particular from Bangladesh) were presented, and the IAA has been asked for any insights it can offer.

Chris Daykin presented the AAE work carried out on the implications for pensions of the ageing population in the EU, by the Social Security Subcommittee and its Adequacy Task Force. The sustainability and adequacy of pension systems remains an important topic for the ILO and the ISSA, not least the issue of how to best measure these concepts, and the need for continued work and dialogue on these subjects was emphasized. 

The Forum also discussed the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board’s consultation paper on the recognition and measurement of social benefits, as well as the European System of National and Regional Accounts (ESA 2010). The IAA, assisted by the AAE, responded to the IPSASB consultation earlier in the year. The need to continue to present the arguments for accounting mechanisms that give a more sensible picture of the sustainability of social benefits systems was discussed and agreed by all participants. 

The AAE will organise a seminar on the topic of “The Ageing of the EU – implications for pensions” in Brussels on Wednesday 16 November 2016. The seminar is free of charge. Please use this link for more information. You may also register directly using this link

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