Another day, another story. In yesterday’s special edition newsletter we introduced Thomas Szymczak, the first delegate to register for the ICA 2018. With today’s mailing we want to introduce the Gatenbys. Loredana Gatenby was the first accompanying person who decided to join her husband, Peter Gatenby, at the ICA 2018.

"I am very much looking forward to attending the ICA 2018 and will be accompanied by my wife, Loredana. After attending the last two International Congresses in Cape Town and Washington I have been looking forward to 2018 in Berlin. As an experienced actuary operating in many different areas, life, health, pensions and non-life I find the International Congress a great way of both keeping up to date with the latest developments from around the world as well as meeting actuaries from many different countries with a wide range of experience and expertise."


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