Max Lander Award

The Max Lander Award has been given to the following luminaries of our profession; Jim McGinnitie, Paul Thornton, Klaus Heubeck, Fred Kilbourne, Chris Daykin and John Martin. Who will receive the Max Lander lifetime achievement award at ICA 2018? Now is your chance to nominate that someone special whom you believe deserves this award.

About the Max Lander Award

This award is a Lifetime Achievement Award for a consulting actuary. This award is named in honour of the late Max Lander who was a founding member of IACA and the initial IACA Secretary/Treasurer. The Max Lander Award is given to a member of the actuarial profession who has contributed to the public awareness of the work of the actuarial profession and the promotion of the business of consulting actuaries. The 2018 award will be the 8th Max Lander Award to be presented.

Geoffrey Heywood Award

The Geoffrey Heywood Award has so far been given to Marian Elliot and Chintan Gandhi. The world is full of talented, bright young actuaries like Marian and Chintan, who are bringing great credit to our profession. Someone you know is a potential winner of this award at the Berlin Congress. So be brave and nominate him orher.

About the Geoffrey Heywood Award

This award is the Young Consulting Actuary High Achievement Award. This award is named in honour of the late Geoffrey Heywood MBE who was the founding Chairman of IACA. The Geoffrey Heywood Award will be given to a young consulting actuary who has provided significant services to the public and the actuarial profession. The 2018 award will be the 3rd time that the Geoffrey Heywood Award has been presented.

Awards administration

The intent of these awards is to help bring to the consulting actuarial profession into the public domain and to encourage the successful development of consulting actuarial practices and actuarial literature.

  1. 1. The IACA Awards sub-Committee will decide who will receive the Awards:
    a. The Max Lander Award may be awarded to any actuary who is, or has been, a consulting actuary.
    b. The Geoffrey Heywood Award may only be awarded to a consulting actuary who is under age 40.
  2. 2. The recipients of the Awards will receive a prize and a monetary award which will be donated in honour of the recipient to an actuarial-related organization of his or her choosing that is involved in or promotes the development of the actuarial profession. The monetary award will be C$1,000 for the Max Lander Award and C$500 for the Geoffrey Heywood Award.
  3. 3. The recipients will be notified and presented with the Awards at the IACA Biennial General Meeting in June in Berlin at the 2018 International Congress of Actuaries.

Please email your nomination with brief reasons to Brent Walker, Chair of the IACA Awards Subcommittee ([email protected]) with a copy to the Cathy Lyn, IACA Chair ([email protected]) before 30 March 2018.

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