Actuarial Association of Europe announces resignation of Chief Executive

Brussels, 1 April 2020:

The Actuarial Association of Europe announced today that Cecilia Thorn has resigned as Chief Executive, effective as of 1 April 2020. Cecilia has partnered with Stenström Consulting, a boutique lobbying firm in Brussel, and will be acting as Special Advisor with focus on sustainable finance, financial and professional services.

Cecilia Thorn said “I want to thank the Actuarial Association of Europe for this time together. It has been a pleasure to work with its leadership and members across Europe”

Falco Valkenburg, Chairperson of the AAE said “I would like to thank Cecilia for her contributions to the AAE to fulfil our strategic objectives and furthering the AAE’s reach and influence with European institutions and stakeholders. On behalf of the board we wish her all the best for the future”

Tiedote asiasta AAE:n nettisivuilla.

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