AAE disclaimer 

This EU Newsletter from the Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE) is intended to inform its Member Associations and their respective Members on European developments that are relevant for the Actuarial Profession. Further dissemination or copying all or parts of this EU newsletter outside the target audience is not allowed. Interested persons or organizations can turn to the AAE secretariat ([email protected]) for a subscription to this EU newsletter. The copyright rests with Lieve Lowet and Lodewijk Buschkens, partners, ICODA European Affairs. 

Icoda disclaimer

This Newsletter is written by Lieve Lowet and Lodewijk Buschkens, partners, ICODA European Affairs. Both have extensive experience in European Affairs. ICODA was founded in 1991. Its office is located in the European district of Brussels. From this central position, the consultancy services business, national and local governments, NGOs, European umbrella organisations, and focuses on selective sectors. Besides translating Europe to organizations and businesses, its services consist mainly of consulting and advice to its clients on their positioning and lobbying strategy. See www.icoda.eu. This work and the contents of this work are copyrighted. It is not allowed to copy this work, in whole or part, reproduce or otherwise disclose, e.g. on non-password protected websites, without the express permission of ICODA. For questions about its content, reproduction, distribution and copyright, please contact [email protected]

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