On behalf of the International Actuarial Association (IAA), I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Suomen Aktuaariyhdistys on its 100th anniversary. We are pleased to celebrate the anniversary of an IAA full member association that has successfully represented the interests of the actuarial profession in Finland, Europe and internationally. I am very much looking forward to joining you for the celebrations.

During its years of existence, the Suomen Aktuaariyhdistys has always been a leading advocate of developing the profession, of having a robust education system and has contributed to our strategy by sharing its views as an observer member to the Strategic Planning Committee. It is thanks to the commitment of members like Suomen Aktuaariyhdistys that the IAA continues to play a vital role in the representation and development of the actuarial profession worldwide.

We wish Suomen Aktuaariyhdistys a successful path path forward in the decades to come, and we hope to be a steady contributor to the association's future success.


Roseanne Harris
International Actuarial Association

Onnitteluviesti (pdf)

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