On 3 and 4 June 2021, the 4th European Congress of Actuaries will be held in Madrid, Spain. Around 400 experts, decision makers and other professionals from all over Europe are expected to join the two-day conference.

Of course, the previous is based on the assumption that next year traditional event formats can be realized again. We are closely monitoring the further development of the COVID 19-pandemic and potential measures will be considered in all aspects of the congress organisation.

In order to further consolidate the position of the ECA as a joint European forum for the discussion of current challenges and important issues of the actuarial profession, we highly depend on your support to make the ECA a success. We will contact you soon with additional materials to share with your member. For the time being, we would appreciate it a lot, if you could add the event to your association´s calendars “ECA 2021 – 3 / 4 June 2021 – www.eca2021.eu”.

Furthermore we would like to draw your attention to the acquisition of sponsors. The ECA 2021 offers various opportunities for companies to showcase their products and position themselves as close partners of the profession. The attached sponsoring brochures gives details on the fees and benefits. All member associations of the AAE are invited to contact potential sponsors themselves. Based on a positive result of the congress, member associations receive 20% of the acquired sponsorship fee. If you require any further information, please contact Erik Staschöfsky ([email protected]).

We are looking forward to contact you again in the future to work together for the benefit of the congress and the European actuarial community!

Be part of ECA2021 and check out the Call for Papers. Submission deadline is 31 October 2020.

ECA2021 Newsletter related to the 4th European Congress of Actuaries

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