L’Institut des actuaires is partner of the 32nd edition of the Competition for Theses in Economics and Finance, carried by le Centre des professions financières.

The central theme of "Long-Term Investment" appears at the heart of the crisis as a priority. It concerns fundamental subjects, the importance of which is being measured with new acuity: the environment and climate, energy transitions, territorial development, migratory movements, demographic transition, governance method, primary goods (health, education, water, etc.).

On behalf of David Dubois, President Institut des Actuaires, please note that you are welcome to broadly share this information since this competition is not only for actuarial students but more widely for students in economics and finance.

Kindly note the deadline for submission: 30 September 2020. Further details can be found on: https://www.professionsfinancieres.com/competition-presentation.

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