Here is a welcoming video recently produced by ASTIN: 

ASTIN’s mission is to generate value for its members. This is achieved by helping them develop their professional skills, and also by engaging with academia and industry to drive innovation and promote meaningful, quality research in the field of economics and mathematics of non-life insurance, and their applications to quantitative risk management. 

ASTIN Board would like to invite each of you to join ASTIN. You will find many benefits of joining the ASTIN Section such as up-to-date research in the area of non-life, upcoming conferences at reduced rates, network of members with common interest, among other things.

When you renew your local actuarial association’s membership, you can select to join ASTIN for a specified fee each year. Please check your local actuarial association for such details. Alternatively, you can visit the ASTIN Section link of the IAA website (provided below) to join. 

To learn more about ASTIN - its values, history, achievements, current activities and future plans, please see our 2017-18 Annual Report, and also visit our web page on the IAA website 

For additional inquiries, you may directly email: 

Frank Cuypers, Chairman of ASTIN Board, [email protected]
Yuriy Krvavych, Secretary of ASTIN Board, [email protected]
Juan Laverde, IAA Sections Coordinator, [email protected] 

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