Järjestäjän esite: Pensions Risk and Investment Conference 2016 with AFIRERM

Linkki: https://www.actuaries.org.uk/learn-and-develop/current-and-past-events/pensions-risk-and-investment-conference-2016-afir-erm

About this event

This year's event will encompass the Pensions, Risk and Investment Conference. Each conference will run independently as it does each year, however in 2016 delegates are offered the opportunity to attend a variety of cross practice sessions, get involved in number of topical discussions and network with those from different specialisms to discuss mutual interests and experiences. Attendees will be provided with three days of knowledge exchange and CPD learning alongside a selection of plenaries, workshops and technical skills.

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries have invited the Actuarial Approach for Financial Risks/Enterprise Risk Management (AFIR/ERM) section of the IAA to join the IFoA Pension, Risk and Investment Conference 2016 and we are delighted to be able to offer our members the opportunity to engage with members of AFIR/ERM from all over the world.  This will provide an ideal opportunity for both societies to discuss the latest challenges and successes in risk management and exchanging of ideas and best practices. 

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