Recent Evolution in Non-Life Insurance in the USA Christopher S. Carlson, Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society, Member of the American Academy of Actuaries Two recent, major changes in the methods and techniques used by actuaries in the United States will be reviewed and highlighted. • Since the mid-1990’s, the ratemaking methodologies, primarily in the personal automobile (motor) insurance industry, have evolved from the traditional single variable at a time (or two variables) analysis to the usage of multivariate techniques such as generalized linear modeling (GLM). The introduction of these new modeling techniques has also facilitated the introduction of new non- traditional rating variables such as financial responsibility. • Simultaneously in the property lines, the occurrence of the largest natural catastrophes in US history (Hurricanes Hugo and Andrew along with the Northridge Earthquake) hastened the development, introduction and acceptance of catastr

15:00Christofer S. CarlsonRecent Evolution in Non-Life Insurance in the USA (PDF)
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